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    Group Therapy

    Do you long for a sense of community? 

    You are not alone in your journey!

    Group therapy is a great option!  Whether it is in addition to individual therapy, or if you are just needing a place to connect with others who are walking through similar struggles, group therapy can help.  

    The power of connection to others in a safe environment, led by a therapist, provides opportunity to heal in amazing ways.  

    Here are some of the groups we currently have available at Wellspring.

    Caregiver Monthly Support Group

    Are you a caregiver to someone with a chronic illness?  This could be mental illness or physical illness. You give of yourself day after day, and sometimes you feel exhausted.  The journey as a caregiver can be lonely.  This group gives an opportunity for caregivers to come together on a monthly bases, support each other, encourage each other, learn tips for maintaining wellness yourself, and have a moment where you can be cared for!

    Movement Disorder Monthly Support Group

    Movement disorders include diagnoses such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Tardive Dyskinesia, Tourette syndrome, Tremors, Ataxia, Multiple system atrophy, and more.  There are multiple layers to navigate when you are diagnosed with a movement disorder.  It is important to receive emotional support along with the physical support from your medical team.  You don’t have to walk this journey alone!  Come connect with others who understand!

    Parent/Teen Life Skills Group

    Weekly, for 6 weeks, parents and teens come together to learn how to improve their relationship.  Parents can learn how to understand their teen more fully and relate more deeply in what can be a challenging season. Teens will learn how to navigate emotional ups and downs, tolerate and reduce distress, learn how to have healthy relationship and practice mindfulness.  

    It is a great way to change a challenging time into a fulfilling time, while connecting with other parents and teens.  These skills will enhance the quality of life for teens and adults alike!

    Reach out today and learn more about groups and how it can benefit you!