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    Eating Disorder Therapy

    Your body is not the enemy!

    Do thoughts of food, weight, or your body control you?

    You feel at war with your body. The cycle never stops.  You wake up planning to try again.  You only allow yourself to eat a certain number of calories, you count your steps all day, and hit the gym as soon as you can.  If anything interrupts the plan you feel anxious or angry.  You body check throughout the day and constantly seek to change your size, shape, or the number on the scale.  

    Or you may…

    Feel out of control around food.  You tell yourself you won’t binge again, but somehow it happens.  You begin to eat and before you know it you have consumed a large amount of food in a short period of time, sometimes to the point of feeling sick. You then restrict the next day to try to make up for it, but by the time night comes you are in the kitchen scrounging for food and then eat beyond fullness again.  You feel defeated.

    Or you may…

    Only allow yourself to eat organic, whole foods, looking at the next best diet plan to ensure health.  You have food rules that you rigidly adhere to, and you are preoccupied with the quality of food or “healthy” eating.  

    The obsessions bombard your mind and you are terrified to gain weight, to have food in your body, to relinquish the felt sense of control.  

    The thoughts never stop! 

    Although the eating disorder convinces you that you are in control, the opposite is actually true…the eating disorder controls you.  

    • Your day is planned around food or the absence of it.  
    • Exercise becomes your top priority.  
    • You may find yourself sneaking or even stealing food, going against your values. 
    • Relationships are difficult and you experience anxiety around social situations due to unknowns about food or due to shame around your body size and shape.  
    • Isolation becomes the new norm. 
    • Secrecy is prevalent.
    • You live on caffeine to offset the fatigue. 
    • Thoughts of food, body, exercise, weight, shape, health, emptiness, fullness consume you.  

    This is not the life you wanted but you aren’t sure how to engage in life differently.

    You can heal your relationship with food and your body!

    Through therapy, you can experience space to breathe.  You will be seen, heard, and understood

    You can…

    • Begin to feel more at ease as you do not have to perform or have it all together
    • Stop the internal war 
    • Experience joy in relationships and go to social functions with friends and family without fear.
    • Learn to trust your body again and be who you are created to be
    • Realize your true worth, have kindness and respect for yourself, and realize you do not have to fit into an unrealistic standard set by diet culture in order to be accepted.  You already are – just because you are YOU!  

    There is a way to live in freedom 

    We can help you get there!

    As you meet with your therapist, you will…

    • Learn how to release the grip of the eating disorder and begin to walk the road of recovery.  

    • Identify what function (or purpose) your eating disorder serves and develop alternate coping skills.  

    • Go deeper than the behaviors to the root of why you need the eating disorder so that those deeper places can heal.  

    We will walk alongside you on the journey to rediscover who you truly are, heal any traumas you may have experienced, reduce anxiety, develop a relationship with your body based in acceptance, and assist you in taking back your life!

    By engaging in eating disorder therapy at Wellspring you will….

    • Reduce unwanted behaviors

    • Increase self-confidence

    • Learn to trust your body

    • Return to enjoying times with friend and family

    • Set boundaries effectively

    • Rediscover who you truly are

    You Deserve Recovery…It is Possible!

    Reach out today!