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    Counseling for Trauma

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    The past does not define you!

    Does it feel like life has knocked you down?

    Shame and low self-worth are a constant companion.

    Relationships are difficult and unstable.

    You live on high alert and are constantly on guard.

    Sleep is difficult, nightmares are frequent.

    A traumatic event is anything that overwhelms your nervous system and normal ability to cope. It can have effects that last for years. The word trauma comes from a Greek word meaning “wound.” The impacts of these wounds are deep…

    You keep trying to move forward, to experience life differently, to put the past behind you yet you find yourself stuck. Trauma impacts the present until it has been resolved.

    • It looks like being in a constant state of high alert, of feeling like there could be danger at any turn. You may feel more jittery, anxious, or have a noticeable startle response even in safe situations.
    • You are constantly on guard, struggle trusting, and keep a wall between you and others which keep you feeling lonelier and more disconnected. Or you may even struggle being alone, feeling the need to always have someone with you. Relationships are challenging and you aren’t sure how to change the pattern you are in.
    • Your regular coping mechanisms aren’t working, and you find yourself avoiding anything that reminds you of your painful experiences. You may even turn to substances like drugs or alcohol, experience disordered eating, or struggle with an eating disorder.
    • Your sense of self-worth is low, feelings of shame drive you, and you have a harsh inner critic that judges you every chance it can.
    • You are not sure who you are and feel like the trauma you experienced defines you.

    There is Hope!

    Facing trauma can feel intimidating, yet it is possible for you to heal and experience freedom. 

    You can have…

    • Restored Self-Worth – If trauma has robbed you of your sense of self-worth, then therapy can help restore that. Instead of feeling shame, you can begin to value yourself again. You can offer yourself kindness and respect and realize you are worthy and deserving of freedom.
    • Inner Stillness and Peace – You don’t have to live with all that “noise” inside your head – anxious thoughts, racing thoughts, hypervigilance, suspicions. You can experience inner peace. You can become calm and grounded.
    • Healthy Relationships – you can identify who safe people are, learn to set appropriate boundaries, allow yourself to receive care, and be able to experience connection and community with others.
    • Sense of Identity – you can know who you are at the core, realize your gifts, abilities, and begin to thrive as you live in alignment with your values, goals, and who you are created to be. You experience a sense of purpose as you live from a grounded and confidence space
    • Live in the Present Moment with Hope for the Future – The past no longer defines you, it is a part of your story, but you can be free of its negative impact. You can learn to live in the present moment, utilize healthy coping skills, and have hope for a bright future.

    Above all else, you can live each and every day with a sense of hope.

     A life of healing and freedom is possible!

    Through trauma therapy at Wellspring Therapy Associates you will…

    • Experience Connection: With a safe and trusted therapist, your story will be heard and understood.
    • Develop Coping Skills: You will learn how to calm your nervous system, regulate emotions, reduce distress, and challenge thinking errors.
    • Identify Core Beliefs : negative core beliefs that stem from trauma will be identified and together with your therapist you will be able to challenge them, and change them to beliefs based on truth rather than trauma.
    • Desensitize the trauma: through EMDR or other evidence based trauma therapies, you will be able to reduce the distress you feel and see your trauma as a scar in your story rather than an open wound.

    Trauma doesn’t have to hold you down. It’s time for you to take back your life!